Paranoia and Pop Tarts, but you know how we roll

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I realize I was pretty blase about a mysterious tapping on my body in the dead of night, but I was really in the zone.

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Fun story

The other night, I was lying in bed reading Sailor Moon on my phone. I felt something repeatedly tapping on my finger, but I didn’t acknowledge it because I was engrossed in the story (it was the chapter where they go to the moon and recall their past lives). The tapping wasn’t what I thought a bug would feel like, so it didn’t set off any alarms. But I looked eventually and saw a spiderweb going between my fingers and my phone. A spider built a web on my hands and disappeared. I never found the spider.

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Anonymous asked: dear important birb,, ytetserday a FLACON was above mine HOME it soart to sky. where of it go?? how get make be firenb birb?


consider… Aminorph/?

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Also recommended is this movie I apparently watched only five minutes of in January. The most voted up review is one star: “The only reason I made it trough this is because I was too lazy to get up and stop it.” I’m morbidly curious.