Paranoia and Pop Tarts, but you know how we roll

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    I am too lazy to post a gif, so I’m gonna leave this here because BECAUSE.
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    I get so SO grossed out when I see people who aren’t black throwing around the word nigga on tumblr. Who the fuck do you...
  4. lostinhistory said: This sort of person makes me very sad and tired. If they’re that desperate for attention, couldn’t they just go to clown school or something?
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    teallikethecolor: one time in school this (white) girl was talking to this dude and was like "nigga stop playin! nigga i...
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  7. scandalouskiki said: Seriously? WTF? Props to you for an excellent Philadelphia Story gif, though.
  8. shouldbestudyingmd said: Why is this person allowed to function in normal society?
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    ooh child what the fuck is wrong with you
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