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the girl who’s still waiting:




  • okay so here’s the thing right about amy pond
  • when amy pond was a child her parents were murdered by a creature living in her house that she didn’t know about
  • that accessed her house by going through a hole in the fabric of the universe that she also didn’t know about
  • which altered her thoughts (to the point that she was later able to reconstruct the universe), which she also didn’t know about
  • her life was heavily influenced at a young age by a visit from an alien man in a blue box who told her he would be be right back
  • her belief in this man caused people to believe she was crazy
  • no really; that’s canon, the twelve years she spent being told she was crazy
  • twelve years she also spent, again unknowingly, being childhood best friends with her part-time-lord daughter
  • who was born after a pregnancy that amy also did not fucking know about
  • after months and months during which amy’s brain was disconnected from her body, sent off on adventures, and again NOT TOLD that this was happening
  • (not to mention how this child was immediately separated from amy after her birth, again, without amy’s knowledge)
  • and now it turns out that while amy was being unknowingly held hostage during her unknown pregnancy, amy’s body was—in some unknown way—rendered incapable of bearing children
  • so say what you want, have whatever opinions you want about whether or not the ~gave rory up since she could not provide what she wanted~ thing was sexist
  • seriously; knock yourself out, i don’t care either way
  • this is still a show in which the lead female character’s physical and mental wellbeing is CONSTANTLY and CANONICALLY either out of her control or called into question
  • this is still a show on which the lead female character’s ability to make her own choices about her physical and mental wellbeing is CONSTANTLY and CANONICALLY denied to her
  • and you can call that whatever you want
  • you really can
  • but when you cut it in half and peer inside?
  • it looks a whole fucking lot like sexism. 

all of fucking this

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“She’s like Wendy in ‘Peter Pan’, she’s wearing a big silly nightie and a dressing gown and slippers. She returns to her childhood, on the night before her wedding, the night she’s supposed to grow up. She’s flown off with Peter Pan to have an amazing, mad adventure on a fairytale ship.”

Steven Moffat

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This is exactly how Let’s Kill Hitler will go down:


  • A hot and legal girl (probably Amy, but could be Mels) is running around looking for the Doctor.
  • The Doctor comes out of no where in the TARDIS wearing some sort of hat.
  • Person shoots TARDIS and TARDIS crashes into Hitler’s office.
  • 5 plots run at once.
  • River is a bamf.
  • New alien is introduced.
  • Sexual reference
  • Doctor and River snogging
  • Rory punches Hitler
  • Rory dies
  • Hitler dies because he couldn’t handle seeing Rory’s death
  • The day is saved and Melody still needs to be saved
  • No current plot development

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you’re waiting for a box. a box that will take you far away. you know where you hope this box will take you, but you don’t know for sure. but it doesn’t matter. how can it not matter to you where this box will take you?

because you’ll be with the doctor.

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