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I don’t get it.

Why all the fuss about GWay?

Yes, ok, he called someone a cunt. And that’s a bad word, and he probably shouldn’t. But maybe they shouldn’t have provoked him.

And. How the fuck is cunt a sexist slur. It’s simply a cuss word.

I’m a girl. I believe in gender equality. But I will call someone a cunt. Just like I’d call someone a jerk, or a twat, or a bitch or anything else I’d say in anger to insult.

People really need to get over themselves.

People can say whatever the fuck they want, and call people what they want. A little somthing called freedom of speech maybe?

I don’t even know why I’m getting angry. Or involved. And I’ll fel stupid for posting this as soon as I have.

But ‘cunt’ is not a fucking sexist slur.



lol do you even know what a cunt is
it’s a slang term for vag
which is a cis-female body part just in case you forgot

just like how calling someone a ‘pussy’ or a ‘bitch’ in a negative way is sexist, calling someone a ‘cunt’ is sexist because it implies that what’s wrong with you is your sex or that being ‘female’ is an insult
… the hell do you really not know cunt is sexist idgi are you a troll tho

does she not realize that three out of the four “insults” she chose are gendered? but they’re ~just words~


How Not to Enter a Debate

  1. If you ever find yourself using “people need to get over themselves” as a way to argue your case, stop right there. That’s a sign that your argument (and I use that term loosely) is baseless.
  2. If you ever find yourself saying “maybe they shouldn’t have provoked him,” you should stop right there. One person is not responsible for another person’s reaction.
  3. Crying “freedom of speech” in this context is the grown-up (again, I use the term loosely) version of the smarmy child’s “it’s a free country” claim. I advise against using it if you don’t fully understand what the first amendment says.
  4. You should try to use the word “but” as little as possible. It says that you’re not sure about what you’re arguing.

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I don’t even know! Did some kind of memo go around saying that assholes get free rein in the New World? Sadists welcome!

If I were a Spanish priest, I would do what Francisco de Avila did and record what I could about indigenous religion if only for the sake of integrating it into my culture-erasing Christian teachings. The Huarochiri Manuscript is where it’s at!

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If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Re: religion. I try, y’all. I’m mostly really good at it. It gets awkward as hell when family or close friends are involved. Especially when they talk to me about church things and I am just like “um… okay, sure.” I feel like even talking about atheism is mean. I feel like saying anything other than whatever they want me to say is rude. That’s pretty messed up considering that people try to use religion as a reason to deny me and millions of other their rights.

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