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Also, suitemate has the most obnoxious text tone

But I am 100% aware that that is my weird phone general noise-hating ish. (It’s five notes and it’s like 2 seconds long, which actually seems very long for a tone that you hear throughout the day, frequently several times a minute. Mine is three notes, short, but still so annoying to me that I put my phone on vibrate if more than a couple of texts are being exchanged. I fucking hate phone noises a lot.)

But the weirdest thing about her is that she randomly, secretly replaced another girl and I didn’t find out for weeks. If we happen to run into each other occupy the general area at the same time, she ducks away quickly without even a glance at me. But she seems social, since she has friends over. There are 2-3 more weeks in the semester. I have never seen her face clearly. I think she is white and has black hair.

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