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I didn’t break up the Beatles. The Beatles were a group made up of four very complex men, and my small hand could not have broken these men up. They broke up because they had reached an end, but in doing so they all also created new wonderful beginnings.

…For many years I was hated by the whole world. When I met John, I was blamed for breaking up the Beatles, I was blamed for ruining John and I was painted as a dragon. I had to deal with that. John had to deal with that. I could have turned and ran, but that was never an option. People didn’t speak to me or they were just rude to my face. It did hurt and it was tough, but I always kept my focus on the bigger picture. Every day I told myself I was a lucky person because I’d met the man I loved, I wasn’t starving, I wasn’t ill, there was no bomb in my house. I just had to get through it, and it was a great learning curve, because I had to find my own strength inside of me, inside of the two of us.
YOKO ONO, in an interview with the Daily Mail, in which she also says John Lennon would love the Internet, Twitter, Facebook and Lady Gaga. (via inothernews)

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